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Natural Juice

NFC (Not From Concentrate) apple juice is pressed in our press shop on the premises of the plant. Only ripened varieties of Polish apples from E.C.O. Group growers are selected for production. During the juicing process, we do not add concentrate, water or sugar. In addition, we do not use enzymatic treatment and clarification. As a result, we obtain natural juice subjected only to the pasteurization process, which retains the rich aroma and natural colour of the product.

The finished product is stored in 5 tanks with a total capacity of 250000 l. We have the possibility of aseptic pouring juice into the tank and hot into 200l barrels. The recipients of our product are companies from Poland and foreign partners.

The juice is packed in the bag-in-box system (hermetic polymer bag with a tap in a cardboard box), with a capacity of 3l. We offer the finished product under our premium Magdalene brand, but it is also possible to package the juice in dedicated customer packaging.

Magdalene juices, compared to traditional juices (from concentrate), is distinguished primarily by its nutritional and health benefits. The contained pectins and polyphenols lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. The carefully created taste composition and the highest quality of the product are the best benefits of the brand.



Magdalene juices offers two product variants of 100% apple juice, i.e.



Red apple juice (sweet taste)


Green Apple Juice (acidic flavor)