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Marka Jagoda

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Excellent quality and a unique taste of Polish soft fruits is the best product of our Group. For many years, we have been growing up in the supply of berries by becoming one of the main distributors of commercial networks operating on the Polish market. Members of our Group are constantly expanding their cultivation area, specializing in the production of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.




We know that the key to success is the freshness of the fruit - we have refined the logistics of delivery to perfection, focusing on, in every case, the continuous cooling cycle from the producer to the final consumer. It is worth mentioning that after packaging, the fruits are subjected to the ozonation process on the premises of the Group's plant. As a result, the Group's products maintain the highest quality with an extended shelf life.

We guarantee the freshness and full taste of seasonal fruit. Let yourself be seduced by the highest standard of the Jagoda brand.




Gooseberry packaging PET 250g

Blueberry packaging PET 250g


Black currant wrapping PET 250g


Packing cherry PET 1000g


Blackberry wrapping PET 250g


Raspberry packaging PET 250g


Red currant wrapping PET 250g


Plum wrapping PET 1000g


Strawberry packaging PET 500g


Cherry pack PET 1000g